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Halloween in July
By Artistic Director John Byrne

The Halloween show is an annual tradition and it has become part of the city-wide festivities of Fright Night in Fort Wayne. This is a time to be spooky and fun, celebrating the nostalgia of dressing up, trick-or- treating and maybe even a little scare.

I will be honest, this year has been a heavy year for everyone and there has been a lot of sadness around the world. I contemplated if we should continue this year with this production. I thought about it and realized, we can celebrate this year and keep the ideas fun, spooky and playful. Our community comes together and looks forward to this show. We will keep the stories spooky and inspired, and stay away from reality! Halloween can be joyful and celebrate legends in a fun and silly way. Part of our heritage is to sit around the campfire and tell each other stories to try and get a rouse from our friends and family. There are a lot of great spooky stories around Fort Wayne, especially since The Fort has so much history! Last Friday, I was doing research on local stories and came across the Mason Long House. A Civil War soldier supposedly haunts the house. There have been reports of a misty figure and phantom perfume haunting the house. In my investigation, I noticed the address, and realized The Mason Long House is actually on my block! As I drove home that night I slowed down to look for the address. I approached the rusted front gate of the house, overgrown with ivy. The yard is overgrown and the house is hidden in the shadows of moss, trees, weeds and leaves. I got goose bumps as a passed the house. When I arrived home I discovered that I could actually see the house from my front porch! Quick run inside!

There is fun in exploring these stories and carrying the storytelling tradition of our town. Now as I pass The Mason Long House I smile and wave to my Civil War friend. I find comfort in living by a local haunt! If you have the desire to create a dance or perform in a piece inspired by a local scary story, please participate in “Run Fast and DON’T Look Back!” our 2016 Halloween Show.

If you want to choreograph for the show, please send your concept to john@fwdc.org by this Friday July 29. If you want to perform, please attend the open auditions at FWDC this Sunday July 31 st at 6:00PM. All who audition will be invited to dance in the show!