How do I register myself or my child for class?
The easiest way to register is with a credit card through our website. You may also register by calling the Fort Wayne Dance Collective office or registering in person.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are only given for the following reasons: Injury. Illness. Change in schedule that conflicts with class times.

Is there a registration fee?
No. A discount on classes is offered for students who pre-register, on or before the registration day of each semester.

When do I have to pay tuition?
Tuition is due at the time of registration. Students may determine whether or not they are paying for a full semester or 7-weeks at a time.

Are there scholarships or any tuition assistance available?
Yes. Fort Wayne Dance Collective holds scholarship auditions for 12 spots each August. This will provide 12 students with one dance class for both fall and winter/spring semesters. Work/study options are available on a case by case basis. Please contact Cassie Herndon, Administrative Assistant at for more information.

What is work/study?
Work/study allows for a limited amount of individuals to pay for half of their or their child’s class and work half of the amount of hours the class takes. Example: Fall semester is 14 classes and costs $135. Through work/study a person would pay $67.50 and work 7 hours. Work/study options are available on a case by case basis.

Are there any other fees other than the tuition to attend classes?
No. Unlike many commercial dance studios, we don’t charge for costumes or require merchandise purchased from parents or students.

Attendance/Dress/Semester Dates

How do I know which class/level is right for my child?
Students should choose a class based on their interest, age and experience. Please check our class schedule for age and experience requirements for different classes.

Why can’t my child go immediately into ballet?
Our school offers a wide variety of dance classes, from modern to ballet, from jazz to hip hop. But before children can explore these specific genres, we expose them to various creative movement and technique classes first. That way, their movement vocabulary will be better developed, and they can move across different disciplines easily.

What should I (or my child) wear for classes?
Generally, you want to wear something that is comfortable to move around in. We don’t require our students to wear uniforms. For dance class, many students wear leotards, though some wear t-shirts and sweats. As long as your clothing doesn’t hinder your movement (no jeans, stiff shirts, etc.), you should be fine. Most classes require students to be barefoot in the studio. If this is a problem, let your instructor know.

If I or my child misses a class, can it be made-up on a different day?
Students may make up a class they miss by taking a different class if desired.

Do you have recitals?
On-site students perform in two concerts a year. A holiday/winter themed concert is held for students in December at the end of the Fall semester and the Annual June Family Concert is held for students at the end of the Winter/Spring semester.

When should I drop off/pick up my child for/from class?
Children should arrive for class on time and must be picked up immediately after class. Students should be dropped off or picked up no more than 30 minutes prior to or after class.

Location & Parking

Where is the Hall Community Arts Center?
We are located at 437 E. Berry Street, on the corner of Clay and Berry Streets in downtown Fort Wayne. We are located in the same building as the Cinema Center and are located upstairs, with our entrance on the Berry St. side of the building. We are one block south and one block east of downtown Fire Station Number 1 and the Fort Wayne Art Museum.

Where should I park?
Parking is always free in the gravel parking lot on the northeast corner of Clay and Berry Streets. Parking on the street is free after 5pm and is also allowed in the parking lot directly to the west after 5pm. Parking in the lot on Berry Street directly across from the FWDC entrance is not permitted.