FWDC’s Fall semester is a 14-week long session beginning August 22nd* and ending December 7th.

*Please note ONLY Thursday classes begin the week of 8/22 due to Halloween & Thanksgiving. ALL other classes begin 8/26.

There will be NO CLASSES held September 2, October 31, or November  28, 29, 30th, 2019.

**Qoya classes have been cancelled for the remaining fall semester. We will continue to have workshops in the spring and classes weekly during summer 2020!

All dance and taiko classes will have the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends during their last class of the Fall Semester. Although FWDC allows drop-ins, we encourage students to take classes on a weekly basis in order to progress with the class syllabus. Students who participate in the Winter/Spring Semester will have the opportunity to perform in the annual June Family Concert.

The cost for each class is determined by how long it runs:

Classes 45-60 minutes are $135 for full 14-week semester, $75 for 7-weeks, or $12 per drop-in.

Classes 75-90 minutes are $145 for full 14-week semester, $80 for 7-weeks, or $12 per drop-in.


 No Refunds.