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I am a Senior at South Side High School. At South, I’ve had the privilege to dance in the program provided by Fort Wayne Dance Collective. I have had hands on training that has provided me with the tools to take on roles such as Teacher’s Assistant and choreographer. With the help of my dance family, I have found my time at South Side to be an enriching experience. I am extremely eager and nervous about my graduation in the spring and the beginning of a college career in the fall. Even though I am not pursuing a degree in dance, I can’t imagine myself not dancing for as long as I’m able to. The ability to get up and move has kept me in the best physical shape of my life. The ability to put energy behind my movement has made a strong impact on me in both a mental and spiritual way.

There have been many people from Fort Wayne Dance Collective who have helped shape my life in positive ways. Two of the most influential individuals in my life are my South Side Instructors, Ms. Brittney Coughlin and Mrs. Kelly Holt. I guarantee many decades down the road I will still be able to perform the entirety of “Hot Lunch Jam”, a piece by Ms. Coughlin that closed our 2016 Spring Concert.

I’ve also had a great time working as an independent contractor for many of the outreach programs provided by Fort Wayne Dance Collective including Renaissance Pointe YMCA, Harrison Hill Elementary, and McMillen Park Community Center. Sharing dance with kids continues to keep my spirits my high and my dancing fresh. I will be forever grateful for all of those that have pushed me to my fullest potential, because no matter what hardships we face, we can still dance and find peace.