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Cassie Herndon, Administrative Assistant
AKA “the Newbie”

5 Interesting Facts about Cassie
(We’re sure there are more)

1. I’m a worry wart. Before closing a locked car door, I check to make sure I
have my keys roughly 3 times.

2. I married my partner of 3 years in Las Vegas this past year 2 hours before heading to the airport to go home. Unfortunately, Elvis was not in the building.

3. If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be shrimp tandoori masala from Taj Mahal.

4. I make songs out of things I need to remember. Like my car keys.

5. Visiting Japan would be my dream vacation. I don’t know if I’d ever come back, though.

Cassie was drawn to the FWDC by her strong creative background and 5 years administrative experience working for local businesses. Having never felt more welcomed and excited to contribute to any organization, she’s looking forward to utilizing her passion for helping people and being in an environment where self-expression is strongly encouraged.

At an early age she discovered her enthusiasm for the arts having been regularly involved in programs in and outside of school for painting, crafting and photography. More recently becoming immersed in the art of sewing, you can find her behind her Singer, or perusing the local thrift stores for new projects when she isn’t at work. Other hobbies include drawing and writing funny stories with her son Colin, playing zombie tag, or writing about herself in third person.

Welcome to the FWDC, Cassie! You’re going to stick out like a sore thumb in this environment (yes, that’s the sound of sarcasm).