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The Fort Wayne Dance Collective is pleased to present Fort Wayne Taiko’s Knock on Wood performance Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 7 p.m. The performance will be held at the Allen County Public Library theatre located at the downtown branch at 900 Plaza Drive in Fort Wayne. Admission is $12. For tickets or info, call FWDC at 424-6574 or go to fwdc.org.

Knock on Wood will feature traditional and contemporary taiko pieces and original compositions that will integrate vocal music, string instruments and body percussion to tell the story of taiko’s roots. Pieces will be presented by Fort Wayne Taiko’s performing group, local taiko students and guest artists  Shoji Kameda and Mas Baba from On Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based taiko group.

Taiko which means “drum” is a drumming and movement ensemble based on Japanese tradition. Taiko is played on big drums, skinned both ends and placed in vertical, horizontal and diagonal positions. In taiko, the movement is as important as the rhythms-drummers play rhythms with sticks using choreographed arm movements and/or while dancing from drum to drum.

Fort Wayne Taiko, the only performing taiko group in Indiana and one of the few in the Midwest, has provided Northeast Indiana with performances and instruction since 2000. Fort Wayne Taiko group members regularly travel to the West Coast to study with premiere North American taiko groups such as Taiko Project, On Ensemble and San Jose Taiko. Fort Wayne Taiko also presents guest artists to teach skills and repertoire to local drummers. In 2015-2016, these artists included Kenny Endo, Tiffani Tamaribuchi, Shoji Kameda and Mas Baba. In 2013, Fort Wayne Taiko spent three weeks studying taiko with master drummers in Hiroshima and Matsuyama Japan. Fort Wayne Taiko is now part of Indiana’s Arts for Learning roster, providing performances at schools throughout the state.