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Row Row Row Your Boat

By: José Manuel Godoy

Music can be like a boat that brings us to different shores of emotions, and thoughts, sojourning pathways of the Soul through memories and sensations. With music we can travel the world and visit our favorite moments in Life.


As a Healing Artist, I am filled with gratitude to experience the impact of music on people. One woman, immbolized in her hospital bed, told me that the music I played for her on my guitar took her to a place where all worry and anxiety disappeared. “There were no bills, no traffic, and nothing to worry over, just me, the music and nature. God bless you.” She said to me after listening to the last notes of the song I played for her, Gracias a La Vida (I give thanks to Life).


Music has inspired my life, captivating my passion and opening me to a world of possibilities, that today, I am so glad to be able to share through the Dance Collective and with other healing artists in the Parkview hospitals here in Ft. Wayne.


Also, I have been fortunate to inspire, teach and share music with children. Through my work each day, it is affirmed that the connections we make through our inner musicality accompany us for our entire lives. A Life-giving source from which we draw to renew afresh and bathe in the revitalizing waters, the music boat always finds a way to bring us back home.