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Workshops & New Hip

By: Christine Johnson

Tiffany’s coming tomorrow! That was my excited thought the evening before Fort Wayne Taiko’s scheduled three-day workshop with international Taiko master and teacher, Tiffany Tamaribuchi.

I’ve studied Taiko for 12 years now, sometimes more regularly than others depending my work schedule. Over those years, Taiko’s taken root in my heart and become essential to my sense of well-being.

Since last year, I’ve retired and have delighted in weekly Taiko drumming in camaraderie with the other drummers. The only obstacle has been a painful, badly degenerated left hip. So on August 22, I had hip replacement surgery.

Tiffany’s workshops would start on October 3, only six weeks after getting my new hip, but I was determined to participate on some level!

On the first morning of the workshops, my husband delivered me to Fort Wayne Dance Collective. Fellow drummers helped me into the building/studio, and fetched a proper chair for my use.

It was wonderful to see everyone and pure bliss to participate; learning from Tiffany, hearing the drums, absorbing the sound vibrations, and reveling in the drummers’ joyful energy.

I noticed at lunch that my leg was swelling… We’d had a carry-in lunch, so I was able to use cold packs from a couple drummers. By the end of the workshop, I needed to go home and keep my leg elevated with multiple cold packs. I decided it was best not to continue attending the workshops for the second and third days.

While I was disappointed to miss those days of the workshops, I was elated with participating as much as possible. I resumed weekly drumming class in late October, and look forward to increasing my level of participation as my new hip gets stronger.