The Fort Wayne Dance Collective supports five Touring Company performances:

The FWDC Touring Company inspires students of all ages to think creatively and explore learning through different platforms. FWDC Touring Company performances are unique engagements that supplement school curriculum by combining literary art, movement, and rhythm.

FWDC’s Touring Company has performed at fundraisers, art openings, and festivals. Contemporary Excerpts includes several vignettes that showcase the company’s artistry and athleticism. Book today for your upcoming event!

This unique and global performance celebrates Asian culture through Taiko drumming, Haiku poetry and T’ai Chi Chuan movement. It includes the history of animals in the Asian culture, as well as background on Taiko drumming, allowing participants to try out the big drums. This performance is for all ages.

Watch the enchanting musical tale of the award winning children’s book, Crumpet the Trumpet, by Kristine Papillon come to life through movement!  This multi-media production blends together a soundtrack of classical music, beautiful illustrations from the book, and dance, as Mrs. Trumpet tries to get baby Crumpet to sleep.  This interactive show will have children creating their own unique movement for each different instrument, and give them the chance to touch and see actual classical instruments up close.  Crumpet the Trumpet will inspire children to explore and celebrate the arts through music, dance, and literature!

The Pineapple Dance Project is a youth company that performs at fundraisers, art openings, and festivals. These pre-professional dancers push the boundaries of dance and take artistic risks. Their dance pieces are unique and inspiring. Book Pineapple Dance Project today for your upcoming event!

Booking Information Contact: Artistic Coordinator, Ashley Benninghoff