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Tips For Being Your Best Creative Self

By: Mandie Kolkman, FWDC Artistic Director

Today is Friday the 13th and a harvest moon is approaching. I just attended another thought-provoking Creative Morning’s event and I am energized by the powerful words of Stephen J. Bailey. I feel compelled to lean into this feeling and want to keep the energy building. So here we go…

The harvest moon is a symbol for abundance. Day after day I am overwhelmed with opportunities to create. My biggest daily challenge is finding the time to do everything I want to do. I need to eat, sleep, tend to my family, practice self-care, meet deadlines, teach classes, attend rehearsals, and try to show up for my community. Luckily, I am extremely passionate about educating myself on ways that I can become more efficient and effective. This passion has led me to find a few helpful tips that allow me to be my most productive self. I’d love to share those tips with you!

I host a podcast called Art to Heart. I use this platform to interview artists in the Fort Wayne community. I ask the tough questions that uncover an artist’s successes and challenges in order to inspire and encourage other creatives. Once in a while, I also post panel discussions or tips. If you click the play button, you can listen to a podcast episode where I spell out some of the tools that I use to access my best creative self on a daily basis. I hope that you find at least one gem that you can adopt. Enjoy!