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The Power of Words

A preview of our upcoming June Concert, “Illumination!”

By: Mandie Kolkman, FWDC Artistic Director

How powerful words can be! I think about this often. Words hold the key to daily self-expression. Words allow us to build and grow. We use words for daily motivation and inspiration to create art. Song lyrics, poems, novels, and theatrical scripts are all based off of the arrangement of words. The way we use our words make up a part of who we are. Yes, words are powerful indeed!

Words have the power to illuminate our thoughts and broaden our perspective. We are in an era where we know more about the human race than we ever have. We have a better understanding of the true meaning of powerful words such as love, positivity and belonging.

When I think of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective “family” and the community we serve, I do think of those three words. Love. Positivity. Belonging.

We decided to stay close to home when setting the theme for our annual June Concert. This year’s performance, titled “Illumination,” is inspired by single words or quotes that drive our teaching artists in the unique and impactful work we do every day. This showcase will take place at Wayne High School on Saturday, June 17th, at 4pm. Performers from both the FWDC onsite school, as well as outreach programs, are collaborating to present powerful vignettes that are sure to impress.

Illumination will have something for everyone! Whether you come for the music, the Taiko drumming, the large array of dance styles being performed, the impressive light and set design, or just to support a performer – you will leave with a new appreciation for the arts!

I am amazed by the creativity that is brewing in each new piece as I work with our teachers, choreographers and volunteers to put the show together.  We have the pleasure to work with Wayne High School and Tech Director, Diane Gaby, to help produce this year’s June Concert.

As a community organization, we welcome and depend on your creative contributions and time.  If you would like to volunteer to be on the show crew of Illumination, or your want to get more involved in other FWDC activities, give us a call!

I look forward to seeing you all on June 17th at the presentation of Illumination and starting the summer off with a bang!