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By: Allison Ballard,Fort Wayne Taiko Director

When I’m co-creating a show, I start fantasizing about other jobs. Maybe I could mow lawns. Or provide child care. Or work in retail. Or deliver newspapers. Or wash cars. Or be a bank teller. Or a waitress…

Of course, there are a whole list of reasons why none of these are good ideas. I hate working outside in the heat. I’m not good with mechanical equipment. I don’t work well with a standard routine. And frankly, I’m not a great driver. Working as a teaching artist/performance artist is really my perfect job. A risky, challenging, exciting job.

Every few years, Fort Wayne Taiko presents a feature-length theatre show because there are things we can do in a theatre setting that we simply can’t do at a community festival in 90-degree heat. So we gift ourselves with the opportunity to explore and take creative risks. To work collaboratively with others and grow in self-esteem, musical ability, joy and relationship. Taiko provides a powerful sense of purpose and links purposeful individuals together with a common vision. It enhances community by providing means and motivation to connect, inspire, support and express. It empowers people and community with the tools and opportunities to explore, evolve and transform.

This is why we do what we do.

On November 4, 7 p.m., Fort Wayne Taiko will present Knock on Wood at the downtown Allen County Public Library theatre located at 900 Plaza Drive in Fort Wayne. The show will feature a mix of traditional/contemporary pieces and original compositions performed by Fort Wayne Taiko drummers, youth taiko drummers, Fort Wayne Dance Collective’s youth Pineapple Dance Project and guest artists Shoji Kameda and Maz Baba from On Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based taiko group. The show will integrate vocal music, string instruments, body percussion and dance along with drumming to create a multi-media experience.

Tickets are $12 and can be purchased by calling FWDC at 260-424-6574 or clicking here. We hope you’re able to come see the show and celebrate the evolution of taiko in our community!

Dong doko dong!