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AiJaye breaks down original hip hop choreography to Cardi B’s Coronavirus Remix. Learn this dance combination and try it out to music! #socialdisdancing
Mandie teaches a dance inspired workout that will tone the body. No weights or equipment required! This class is appropriate for various ages and fitness levels. #socialdisdancing
Mandie Kolkman breaks down easy to learn dance choreography to the hit song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers!
Stretch with us! Yaro Carpenter shares easy to learn barre exercises that can be practiced in the home and with your family! Yaro explains how to replace the ballet barre with what you have available around the house.
Grab your kids and join Mandie Kolkman for a quick Zumba® lesson that you can do remotely! This is a perfect way to stay happy and healthy during this time to support global efforts to practice social distancing. #socialdisdance
Bring calm into your day with this simple Tai Chi breathing technique. This exercise, led by Liz Monnier, can be done anywhere to help you stay focused and at peace.

Join Mandie Kolkman for yoga classes that flow from one asana (body posture) to the next while synchronizing the body’s movements with the breath.

Join Rachel Jones as she leads movement and rhythm-based games for children!
Rachel Jones breaks down how to execute popular jazz dance steps including jazz squares and pivot turns.
Mandie Kolkman breaks down classical ballet steps including plié, tendu, and rond de jambe with imagery and imagination.