In-school and after-school residencies provide an opportunity for students from preschool to high school age, introducing them to the performing art of dance. These programs meet Indiana academic standards in all areas including but not limited to: language arts, history, foreign language, geography, math and science.

Fort Wayne Dance Collective can tailor any residency to meet the needs of a particular school. There really are no boundaries to what educational and multi-arts learning can be achieved for students throughout the region.

A few examples of what Fort Wayne Dance Collective Dance for Education residencies have included are:

Career Academy Early Childhood Lab Center: An in-school residency in which preschool and kindergarten students are taught creative movement based on an exploration of body parts, shape, space and locomotion combined with stories and feelings. Young children, such as preschool kids, learn easily through enjoyable activities that encourage hands-on learning or full physical involvement. Dance classes require mental concentration and active participation. Dance and movement activities help children become more aware of their bodies and learn gross motor skills of coordination and control. Increased self-awareness and improved physical skills promote confidence and a raised sense of self-esteem.

Weisser Park Elementary School: A year-long, daily in-school and after-school residency in which a variety of classes are taught to students in first through fifth grade. These classes included: Dance Academy (Creative Movement, jazz, modern, and ballet classes throughout the year), Dancing in the Musical, Dance Troupe (a traveling, performing group of students), and Taiko drumming.

Wayne High School: A year-long, daily, in-school residency in which high school students with and without disabilities are taught a range of dance forms and techniques, dance history and terminology. This program is funded by the AWS Foundation, Fort Wayne Dance Collective, Fort Wayne Community Schools, and private donations. This program includes an annual Spring concert featuring students of all abilities.

Schools currently served within Fort Wayne Community Schools:

  • Career Academy Early Childhood Lab Center
  • Weisser Park Elementary School
  • Lakeside Middle School
  • Memorial Park Middle School
  • Miami Middle School*
  • North Side High School*
  • Washington Elementary
  • Wayne High School*

Schools currently served within East Allen Community Schools:

  • Heritage Elementary & High Schools*
  • New Haven Primary-High Schools*
  • Woodlan Elementary & High Schools*

For More Information Contact: Artistic Manager, Ashley Benninghoff

*In partnership with FWDC Dance for Disabilities

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