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EMBODY DANCE   Hosted at Fort Wayne Dance Collective

By: Sydney Pacula

At Embody Dance we set up the space and time weekly for ritual of dance to work its magic. When we can feel the joy and freedom of moving as we are in that moment, it is not only healing but empowering! People show up from diverse backgrounds and intentions, gathering on Sunday afternoons to dance through feelings, motivations for upcoming projects, facing past traumas, or to simply move the body as it needs and wants. So much becomes clear when we let the body do the talking. Too often we rely heavily on our minds to ‘think things through’, when so much wisdom is within us that shows up in the dance. We see this when people say they want to ‘sleep on it’ or inspiration hits in the shower when we stop thinking so hard for the answers. Dance is meditation and a chance to remember who we really are at our core. It is art, it is pure expression, it is reverence and gratitude. Embody Dance offers everyone and anyone no matter what their abilities and backgrounds a chance to find their own dance and feel the connections and rhythms of life that put us back into our fullest, authentic selves. In a world full of noise, it reminds us of what matters. Dancing shows us that even the smallest expressions have a place. We are all creative and bursting with energy when we dance as we are. And that makes living in our bodies and this world a more beautiful, abundance place.