Logan Bloir is a digital artist who holds his Bachelors of Science in Digital Graphics & Design from the Indiana Institute of Technology (also known as Indiana Tech). He is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, also from Indiana Tech. Before Fort Wayne Dance Collective, he worked in various industries creating digital work in the Fort Wayne community. Logan began working with FWDC in 2020 as the Marketing & Communications Intern before becoming a part-time member of the organization in the summer of 2021. At the beginning of the 2023 fiscal year, Logan began a full-time staff member. He values the mission at Fort Wayne Dance Collective and aims to amplify the organization’s unique programming while also continuing to learn from the talented and passionate on-site and outreach artists.

Logan is a retired track and field sprinter. He finished his career as a State Champion (Ohio), All-American, and National Champion. In his free time, Logan enjoys photography, drinking coffee, buying plants, and spending time with his guinea pigs. You may also catch him taking Theater Jazz, Contemporary Combos, GROOV3, and Heels at FWDC’s on-site studio.