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 What is GROOV3™?


GROOV3™ (pronounced ɡro͞ov or groove 3) is a one hour, high-energy, dance-til-you-drop cardio funk fitness class with a mission to inspire change and build communities through the power of dance.  Targeting those who want to learn to dance, and those who used to dance, G3 promises to make fitness fun.  The “3” in GROOV3™ stands for Dance, Sweat, and Live.

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  1. DANCE: The class is conducted in a “learn slow, dance all-out” format with basic steps to get your body moving regardless of dance ability and experience.
  2. SWEAT: The music is a one hour, non-stop mix of 90’s and 00’s hip hop, pop, and R&B. At the Dance Collective we have a DJ that mixes music live in the room!  We guarantee you’ll hear a song that “used to be your jam,” which will inevitably get your feet moving and grooving for the whole hour.
  3. LIVE: We always encourage everyone to “do you.” As the teacher, I’m simply there to guide you through the class.  The dance comes from you, the participant.  Lights are low and love and encouragement is abundant, so everyone feels relaxed to let loose and let their inner self shine!

The mission of the class is to inspire change and build a global community through the power of dance. We all understand embarking on something new is scary, and we’ve all been there.  The beautiful part of this class is seeing everyone supporting each other with high-fives and hugs – you are always welcomed with inclusion with this class!  Everyone is in the class to have fun, sweat, and feel the endorphin high after a great cardio workout.  Explained by the LA Times as, “a dance party that doesn’t feel like exercise,” and ELLE Magazine coined it, “LA’s coolest all-levels dance class.”    It is so special Fort Wayne is able to offer such a unique take on a fitness class.  This is a big-city style class being offered across California, Chicago, DC, and New York.  And we, here in humble Fort Wayne, offer this class!  This dance class/fitness class/lifestyle class is a unique experience everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

It is special to be able to share this class and be the only instructor offering the class in the Midwest. I embarked on this journey by stumbling across GROOV3™ on YouTube. G3 offers simple, 30-min classes online for free. My sister and I did several of them over Christmas break 2 years ago and she convinced me I should get certified. As a hip hop dancer, mother, and woman in my 30’s, I wanted to continue to share the gift of dance with the world, and this class offers a unique outlet for adults similar to me! So, with a leap of faith I submitted my application to become a certified instructor, was accepted, and flew to LA for training. After three, grueling, 8-hour days of training and dancing, I had never felt more tired, sore, and fulfilled before in my life. My fear of “am I doing the right thing” was immediately eased by the compassion and loving nature of the GROOV3™ family of trainers, participants, and corporate team. I was more-so overcome and inspired to share the euphoric feeling with the world! GROOV3™ has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, love who I am, and not be scared to share “me” with the world. This fitness class is the perfect avenue for others to achieve this same feeling of security in well-being.

This is why I am over-the-moon excited the creator of GROOV3™, Benjamin Allen, is coming to Fort Wayne to teach a GROOV3™ and hip hop Master Class on May 4th at 6:30pm.  Ben is an inspiration to me and I cannot wait for others to experience his energy and love when he teaches.  A few of his accomplishments include choreographing for Ellen Degeneres, Macy’s, Univision, Will.i.am, and Drew Barrymore; performing in “RENT” the movie, Miller Lite, Cingular, Xbox, and Subway commercials; as well as on stage at the Kid’ Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards, the American Music Awards, NBC’s The Sing off, and VH1’s “I know My Kids a Star.”  Ben is a highly accomplished business man with creating such a contagious and unique fitness program, as well as working with big industry names.

Fort Wayne has never had a Hip Hop master class of this caliber before; especially with such an accomplished dancer.  The Fort Wayne Dance Collective, and myself, feel humbled by this opportunity to share the class with our community.  For more information on the class, click here! This class is for all ages, levels, and abilities!

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Charlotte Tompkins is a certified GROOV3™ instructor currently teaching at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective.
Get yourself moving and GROOVing with her every Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm, and Saturday mornings from 9-10am. Cost is only $8 per drop-in!