Sangeeta is a resident of Fort Wayne who holds her Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from DePauw University. Her artistic inspiration came from participating in the Fort Wayne Children’s Choir for 10 years, and her desire to work in arts administration stems from both internships with local music organizations and DePauw’s 21st Century Music program. While at DePauw, Sangeeta engaged in projects that promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts, as well as arts integration in schools. She is most passionate about introducing music and dance to children at a young age, using the arts for healing and therapeutic purposes, and making the arts more accessible to people with diverse abilities.

While not a dancer herself, Sangeeta loves exploring different dance styles by taking on-site classes at the FWDC in her free time. She has also previously collaborated with local organizations such as the Fort Wayne Ballet, the Civic Theatre, and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. These days, she may occasionally be spotted in Promenade Park reading a book, or at any of the restaurants in the Landing with family and friends.